the concept of the modern electric car could not be easier: the App of the provider to the Smartphone shop, sign up, E-scooter, unlock and drive. In Zurich, Basel and Winterthur, ZH you around curves already. Other cities following suit soon.

The TCS has examined the overall concept and the vehicles of the provider, Circ, Lime, animal, Bird, and Voi in the three Swiss cities of Basel, Zurich and Winterthur on the heart and kidneys. The large sample test is evaluated on the basis of over 20 criteria of safety, condition and drivability of the E-cars as well as the functionality of the Apps. In addition, the prices were compared and the question of whether the modern Scooters offer a real Alternative to the existing transport possibilities.

So, the vendors have cut

In the overall evaluation of the two providers Lime and Voi with the four-star cut (highly recommended). On average, the performance of the Circ and animal is a three-star (recommended). As the only provider not recommended Bird with only one star in the overall rating. Birds rent E-scooters did especially in the case of the security criteria. The brakes were not in line with the Swiss licensing requirements.

Bird promises improvement: At the request of the provider, shall notify that the service is currently interrupted in the coming weeks, a new approved E-scooter will be available.

The E-scooters can be in accordance with TCS-Test a real Alternative to the existing transport possibilities, especially if the public transport rests or you badly want to reach developed areas.In the case of good road conditions, with the electric Cars, well and safe, always under the condition that the driver has to deal with the vehicle white. In case of rain, bumpy roads (for example cobblestones), or the Crossing of the tram tracks can be dangerous. The TCS therefore recommends that each time you ride Wear a helmet.The price can not match the E-scooters with the public transport, but they are cheaper than a Taxi.All E-scooters failed the range test (10 kilometres) and to convince the slope test (12 percent).The Apps, all the providers were understandable and easy to use.In principle, however, any landlord more to the Swiss legislation (for example: Where must you go?) take, they represent the image and the user a regular reminder call.