Quarrelsome city slickers? In the regions of Zurich and Geneva, each is 25. according to a traffic rule violation or a traffic accident to court. Thus, the rate in these Metropolitan areas, about 50 percent higher than in the other five greater regions in Switzerland. Has collected the Figures of the TCS due to the last year, opened or closed TCS-legal cases in his first edition of the Swiss “armed barometer”.

men, the larger brawlers

The armed barometer, for example, shows that for two-thirds of all traffic disputes are before the court of the men responsible. You claim to be in accordance with TCS-armed barometer twice as often as women of the Kadi. Especially large is the difference in the traffic rule violations and traffic accidents: three-quarters of these court disputes on account of men. Why, from the TCS study, unfortunately, is not derived. Maybe the injured Pride of the always-so-well-car-driving men folk?

women fight in the cut longer

in any case, the quarrels of the men to court costs an average of 25 percent more. Although the women argue longer than men. So the right takes an average of a dispute in women almost a month longer than in the case of the representatives of the stronger sex.

Elderly argue less

And what is from the TCS Numbers conclude: the Elderly are often not only will help you stay calm on the road on the way, you fight less often in court. The age group of 18 – to 35-Year-old is entangled with approximately four disputes per 100 people, almost twice as often in traffic court cases, such as the age group of 66-Year-old. Perhaps an expression of the often-cited age mild? Also, the turn white from the TCS-armed barometer.