The General Secretary of the ruling “Georgian dream”, the mayor of Tbilisi Kakha Kaladze said Kiev, who said that the anti-Georgian statements of the head of the Ukrainian Executive Committee of the reforms of Mikhail Saakashvili are the opinion of an individual. This is the correspondent of the newspaper VIEW.

Kaladze said that “Saakashvili is the Ukrainian government team, regardless of is it high or low position.”

“Saakashvili’s Statements inadmissible. Our countries must respect each other. If he continues to make such statements, it will be even more difficult,” he said.

Kaladze added that the ex-President of Georgia is a citizen of Ukraine and “is a political team that is in power”.

Earlier, the former state Minister of Georgia, film Director Georgy Khaindrava called the “belated” and “not well understood” explanation of Ukraine about the fact that Saakashvili negatively affecting relations between the two countries, is not official. Commenting on statements of the head of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba that the statements of Saakashvili leads to the fact that Kiev “ogrebaet” from Tbilisi, Khaindrava said that the former President of Georgia “is not a private person.”

Last week, Ukraine’s Ambassador to Georgia Igor Dolgov was summoned to the foreign Ministry, where he announced “concern over the unacceptable statements of the Ukrainian officials” – Saakashvili.

Furthermore, Georgia in the rigid form demanded from Ukraine to stop interference in its internal Affairs, Saakashvili, who said he intends to participate actively in the electoral process in his country before the October vote in the Parliament and contribute to the change of the authorities.