With the girl hairstyle and innocent Smile is trying to Country-Pop Star Taylor Swift (29), her public Image as a clean woman to maintain. It has the American fist-thick behind the ears and likes to share.

her latest victim heartthrob Justin Bieber (25). Until March of last year he was with Selena Gomez (26), and despite On-and-Off relationship, they were considered the dream couple in the music scene. The final love came surprisingly for many, the reasons were never called.

Studio albums behind the back

Taylor Swift sold a very close friend of Gomez, and is now heating up the rumors. On the platform, Tumblr, you put a Like to a comment, the accused Bieber. “You cheated on Taylor’s best friend!”, it says, among other things.

Bieber is accused of also with Manager Scooter Braun (38) team. This took in the early years, also to swift’s career, has recently purchased but without the Knowledge of their past six Studio albums from the music label.

revenge> you outed Justin Bieber as third-party goer

Since you can dish out against Bieber and also brown, the sale of their old Songs through the ceiling. So the Downloads of Taylor swift’s debut album from 2006 by a whopping 471 percent increase. The never processed anger against Scooter Braun so pure PR strategy?

The allegations go even further: Swift claims to have been bullied in the past constantly. And he had also ensured that Rapper Kanye West (42) made in his scandalous “Famous”-video clip by means of a naked doubles fun of you.

The Clip, Swift and her Fans call a “revenge porn”. But why is it now with secret love allegations to Justin Bieber to the avenging angel? Because this keeps the controversial Manager brown to the Faithful rather than to strengthen the back. That Swift, with the action of her friend Selena Gomez does not Like, it was not considered good.