Actually, it is the task of the relief and works United Nations for Palestine refugees (UNRWA), to secure for over five million refugees, the provision of food and medical assistance, as well as to enable their education. The UNRWA Budget is several hundred million Swiss francs. Add to project contributions, which add up again to hundreds of millions.

Now the leadership of the expensive UNRWA is massively in the criticism. The Swiss head of the UN Palestinian relief Agency, Pierre Krähenbühl (53), and other Agency managers will be accused of nepotism, discrimination and abuse of power. The Geneva Krähenbühl should have given his Mistress a Job at the UNRWA, at the expense of the auxiliary drive with her around jet – Business Class, of course.

Switzerland has frozen the funds to the UNRWA, as a precautionary measure. The annual contribution of 2019 to the Agency is transferred, but the project funds have been suspended. Now The Swiss tax funds were used in the past, not only in the support of refugees. On demand of the VIEW of the Department of foreign Affairs (EDA) grants: In the last four years, the Swiss taxpayers funded the salary of the Beloved and controversial leaders: “The Position was funded in 2015 and 2018, from the Swiss funds”, the EDA literally.

The Job of the alleged Lover

paid The Swiss taxpayer berappten thus, the wage of the woman is supposed to be, according to an internal UNRWA reports, the beloved Krähenbühls. So you could go with the husband and father of three traveling. In addition to his salary he had received for the external appointments, then daily allowances, it says in the report that was forwarded to UN Secretary-General António Guterres (70).

VIEW confronted Krähenbühl and the woman on Friday morning with the allegations, without success. The Qatari news channel Al Jazeera, which had first reported about the allegations against UNRWA, Manager, cited Krähenbühl: “The investigation is not yet complete, and the UNRWA results were not reported.” And: Everything is now in circulation, are allegations and no findings. The Agency could not comment on an ongoing investigation.

Also a Deputy to. the Job assigned to have

in addition to Krähenbühl, once the right Hand of the President of the International Committee of the Red cross (ICRC), Jakob Kellenberger (74), should also have other Manager of the Agency, their Power is abused For example, Krähenbühls former Deputy Sandra Mitchell is supposed to have her husband a well-paid job provides. Another high official who is not also employed by the UNRWA, is referred to in the report as a “Gangster”.

EDA, the head of Ignazio Cassis (58) had expressed already last spring, extremely critical of the UNRWA. This was “not part of the solution, but the Palestinian problem”, the Minister of foreign Affairs at the time.