With sorrow and distress, and after a long slide to do it at some point, all. The speech is from the Filling of the tax Declaration. Private are required to submit the annual Declaration on their income and assets, usually by the end of March. The clock is ticking.

A way out of deadline extensions. But these are depending on the Canton and place of residence are different. Generously about the cantons of Schwyz and Zug. There, taxpayers can take up to the end of the year time, if you enter a extension of the deadline. And you have to pay for it, still nothing.

Thurgau authorities want to know why

is Significantly more complicated, the deadlines thing is about in the Canton of Fribourg. There will be a maximum of up to mid-December time. It must, however, be extended for four times the period. Each Time it costs 20 Swiss francs.

the Less time the cantonal tax authorities about the Thurgauern. Doing the tax Declaration, you can up to 30. September push. Two months more time there, only when “exceptional reasons” are asserted. No Chance, who claims to come because of too much work to Fill out.

punishment for Miss

With the many different deadlines, it is worth a close look. Because who doesn’t send in on time will be penalized. Recently in Aargau. The first reminder costs 35 francs, the second for 50. In the cantons of Berne and Solothurn, is 60 Swiss francs, and already in the first case.

it is also in the Canton of Jura. There, the wallet of the timid taxpayer charged a so-called reminder letter in June, only 40 Swiss francs, the reminder will cost 60 francs.

Even worse, it comes, if you ignore even the warnings. Then the Tax authorities to make an assessment. In addition, Taxable persons can be fined, finally, you have not fulfilled your obligation.