well-Known actress Tatyana Vasileva has left the hospital, and not waiting for the result of CT. The favorite of the audience for several days suffering from cough and temperature.

As it became known “MK”, may 1, 73-year-old Tatyana felt a sharp discomfort. She had been sick for a few days, antibiotics previously prescribed by a personal physician who suspected Covid-19. Day 1 may temperature rose sharply, and just in case the actress decided to call for an ambulance. Arrived doctors took the famous patient in the University hospital MSMU n. a. Sechenov. She had a CT scan, identified in the ward. Vasilyeva to 6 a.m. are asked to report on the results of the analysis, but because of the huge queues so I do not know. The nurse just mentioned that it seems to be easy to order. Fearing that other patients can infect (from the neighboring houses came a horrendous cough), aktrsa wrote a statement that he was leaving the hospital on their own responsibility.

– I’m home Now, taking antibiotics, which was prescribed by my doctor . Trying to call the hospital to learn the result of CT, but the phone is either nobody picks up or engages, – complained the actress.