I Think that’s going to happen is what we’ve been waiting for! Before the opening of the borders there are very few. Vice-Premier of Russia Tatyana Golikova said that the removal of restrictions on international air travel may begin July 15. She noted that the past two weeks oberstab discussing the resumption of international flights, which was discontinued in March.

Tatyana Golikova

it is Known that the flights will resume only in those countries where within two weeks on average are not infected more than 40 people per 100 thousand inhabitants. Previously, the CPS has written to the Ministry of transport and Rosaviation the list of 13 countries with which Russia may resume flights in the first stage. The list includes great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Finland, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Sri Lanka.

as for arriving tourists, it would enter a testing COVID-19. For entry into the Russian Federation foreigners must provide a certificate of negative test for coronavirus obtained not less than three days before arrival.

Now the Russians can go abroad to work, study, treatment, or care for sick relatives.

to Enter Russia can and foreign nationals who are to undergo treatment in the Russian medical institutions, as well as once those who are living close relatives, Tutors or guardians, who need care,

— said the head of the Cabinet of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin.