Not everyone wants to have behind his motive of personal meaning. Some like plain and simple, a nice Subject, just like. As Inspiration, this latest Trends from 2019.

One Line

A very minimalist style: One-Lines, the whole icon consists of a single, continuous line. Usually the Tattoo is very delicate and simple acts, but also very artistic.

Red ink

This is not a subject, but to its color. Red Tattoos are more popular than ever before. They give the wearer a little more bite and seem to be very dramatic, as the sight is reminiscent of blood.

space images

This subject can be very personal. Anyone who is interested in horoscopes and the Vastness of the sky, tattooing, for example, the constellation, or the loved one.


These Tattoos look like paintings that were drawn with watercolor paints. The tattoo artist has to put a lot of effort in. Art Fans will surely like this Look but.

X-Ray motifs

These Designs look mostly like an x-ray image. Particularly good flower motifs are ideal for this purpose because you can show beautiful curves. The Look is delicate and transparent.