you are So beautiful tattoos also, the engagement with the needle causes wounds and scars. A good care is therefore indispensable, because the Tattoo needs more attention than I thought.

What can happen?

At the tattooed point, you have a wound and are, therefore, prone to inflammation. This can be caused by bacteria. However, everyone reacts individually and, depending on the Size of the tattoo is different.

What occurs, nevertheless, in most cases, is the formation of a crust. Here is: don’t scratch so much it tickles! You can not let the fingers of the crust can result in ugly scars.

What should I look for right after the Sting?

Especially important is a thorough care after the tattoo appointment. Note the following points:

After about four hours you can deduct for the first time, the protective film and apply the Tattoo with lukewarm water to wash off.Drying is allowed only with lint-free towels.The Tattoo only with clean and washed hands touched.A swipe the Tattoo with a cream that you get from a tattooist or recommends to them from the pharmacy.Do not let your tattoo get some fresh air inhalation.You should have no way to leave the body uncovered, glue again, a protective film before you put on clothes.Whether covered or not: Make bedtime a fresh film to go on your tattoo. What you must note in the month after that?

After the first week is over, many forget the important care. However, the healing time is far from over, and you should continue to give the tattoo to eight. The attentive care, the better the end result.

make Sure whether or not the Tattoo is color or if there is already a crust is visible. In the case of a crust, you can RUB it in, continue with thin layers. The body should lose, however, still color, you have to throw all the couple of hours a look and the slide switch.

in Addition, you should avoid during the healing phase on a few things:

not Go to the Solarium or in the Sauna.They dispense with direct sunlight.Make no-sweat sports and you don’t go swimming, since moisture can irritate the wound. It is recommended, therefore, to make the Tattoo not in the summer. Don’t worry about reactions

During the healing process it can lead to different reactions, you should be aware of. The most frequently swelling and itching may occur. Redness and even a slight fever feeling. You need not Worry, these symptoms are normal.

The time after the healing phase

in General, it is expected a healing time of about six weeks. This can vary depending on the Size of the subject. After this time, you should check all the lines and colors, whether they are visible or whether or not then re-engraved. Should this be the case, you can contact your tattoo artist, many Studios offer the next Chen for free.

For the future applies in addition: no Matter how long the jump is, you should always use a good sunscreen on the Tattoo.