The tank discount has expired since midnight. Now the gas stations are going crazy – and they’re starting to screw up the prices. Visiting the petrol pump is now becoming an expensive affair for drivers. FOCUS online says what to do now.

At midnight, the prices for diesel and petrol skyrocketed.

Diesel now costs a whopping 2.19 euros per liter on average across Germany, and the super price is now over 2.10 euros. Drivers have to pay EUR 2.06 per liter for E10. This is shown by an evaluation of the “TankerK√∂” portal.

Particularly explosive: All petrol station operators in Germany were able to buy cheap petrol and diesel up to and including Wednesday evening. When you ordered, the tank discount was still valid. The fuel quantities ordered are usually delivered within the next few days.

In other words: The current prices are pure rip-offs, actually diesel and petrol shouldn’t be that expensive.

For now, avoid driving to the gas station. If you have to refuel, then under no circumstances fill up!

The Federal Association of Independent Gas Stations (BFT) expects prices to fall again in the coming hours and days. “I’m assuming that we’ll initially see a large price premium,” said association chairman Duraid El Obeid. “Over the course of the day and in the coming days, however, this will certainly melt away again when competitive effects set in.”

Under no circumstances should you use motorway service stations. It is particularly expensive here at the moment.

It is better to leave the gas station and refuel in the nearby towns. Use the app to search for the cheapest fuel there.

On the A8, A9 or A3, diesel costs as little as 2.60 euros per liter. For example at the Shell gas station on the A8 near the Holzkirchen exit near Munich. Drivers pay 2.55 euros per liter for Super. Diesel costs two cents more. Only Super E10 is slightly cheaper. Here 2.47 euros are due. For comparison: At the gas stations directly in Holzkirchen, the diesel price is currently 2.39 euros. That’s a price difference of 16 cents.

Compare fuel prices in your area. Apps that you install on your smartphone can help. Well-known providers are ADAC, Mehr Tanken, Clever Tanken or Bertha. Google Maps also lists the current fuel prices for many German cities.

Always drive in the evening between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. to refuel. Especially on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday you can save a lot of money at the pump. It is most expensive at the German petrol pumps on the weekends. Gas station operators also call for high fuel prices in the morning and at night.

If you have to travel long distances, avoid motorway service stations and use exits into surrounding small towns. Ideally, this will result in savings of up to 8 cents per liter.

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