Five weeks off for Tamy Glauser (34) and Dominique Rinderknecht (29) on the island of the gods Bali: The emotional Highlight of your holiday in South-East Asia have shown Tamynique yet anyone: a visit to an elephant Park, where rescued animals are nursed. VIEW open exclusively to your private photo album.

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“With elephants and swimming – what a great experience,” says Rinderknecht. “The animals love this, this is for you, such as Wellness!” The Zurich-based presenter and the Bern Model is learned from a friend from the Mason Elephant Park in Bali. The former work animals, which were rescued earlier from the neighbouring island of Sumatra life. “First we were skeptical, since we do not support animal parks or Zoos,” admits Glauser. “But this facility is not a sensation thing, but really a relief for animals that had to live under the most terrible conditions.”

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you have given both of them a lot of respect before the grey with elephant, Glauser: “all The more poignant to be so close, to know how sensitive and tender they are. They really are gentle giants.” And Rinderknecht adds: “the broadcast of The animals touched me greatly. I had the skin in their presence constantly, Chicken.”

Tamynique want to support the Mason Elephant Park continues: “Not only financially, we will promote the investment on Social Media,” says Rinderknecht. In addition, the woman wants to raise some Public awareness of the issue of animal welfare, promises Glauser: “This is also a reason for our vegan life style. Animals deserve our respect and should serve not just our enjoyment or Fun.”