no meat, no eggs, no milk, plenty of vegetables, fruits, and nuts: to swear, to many people on a vegan diet. Also Tamy Glauser (34) to move in for the Greens in the national Council, is one of them. (VIEW reported)

she deliberately avoids animal products. However, it is a misconception and is Convinced to be better before the cancer is protected as a Non-Vegan. “Nature heals all. The blood of vegans, for example, can kill cancer cells,” she writes on Instagram as a response to a comment. And refers then to a recent study from the United States.

Vegan-circles study

spread A look at the study shows: it means only that the consumption of meat and processed foods can increase the risk for colorectal cancer. That a vegan diet protects against cancer, is not a speech. In a further US study from the year 2005, which is also widely used as alleged proof of various Vegan sites.

According to the relevant food pages of the investigation was the absolute proof that Vegans were immune to cancer. Because the study allegedly revealed: Who eats vegan, is eight times better protected against cancer than other people. Therefore, Glauser wants to have their information.

study on humans

Sounds good at first. Not true, only unfortunately, as Ori Schipper of the cancer research Switzerland can be explained. “The results are related to the growth of cancer cells in cell cultures and are not one-to-one to cancer in humans,” says the expert.

Schipper to: “cancer is, unfortunately, an often unpredictable disease, which arises due to random mutations and therefore, also, to meet people, have always placed value on your health.”

Glauser is taciturn

Means: vegan blood kills so no cancer cells. That is Tamy Glauser taciturn all of a sudden. Of the questions asked Tamy Glauser just want an answer. Namely: What do you think of people who do not eat vegan? Glauser: “I think it’s important that people are informed and then everyone should decide for themselves.”

Even if a vegan diet is not a cure-all for cancer, you could reduce the risk to fall ill, nevertheless, says Ori Schipper. Possible this is with a balanced diet.

A third of all cases of cancer in Switzerland, to avoid

According to the cancer League means this: a Little red or processed meat, and many vegetable products food. In addition, movement was important. And especially: do Not use on “Anti-cancer diets” trust. This claim that the waiver of carbohydrates or by the intake of a lot of protein to prevent the development of cancer. “These “Anti-cancer” diets, however, lacks the scientific basis,” writes the cancer League.

A bomb-proof warranty, to reduce the risk of cancer, there simply is not. Schipper stresses: “it is Estimated that were a third of all cancer cases avoided in Switzerland, if the population would strictly adhere to the measures help prevent cancer.”

What is the party line of the Greens actually says to the statements of their new candidate? Unfortunately, still nothing. A request from a VIEW has so far remained unanswered.

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