Megan Fox

During the lockdown, many of them now have more free time. Some netizens used it to dig in the archives and review the old videos.

the virus was a video interview with Megan Fox, which she gave back in 2009. As a guest of the Jimmy Kimmel show, she spoke about her experience of filming the Michael Bay episode of the film “Bad boys 2” when she was only 15 years old.

Michael Bay and Megan Fox

I chose to shoot scenes at the club, I was dressed in a stars and stripes bikini, a red cowboy hat and I was wearing six-inch heels. Michael approved it, but the guys from the team said: “She’s only 15, we can’t put her behind the bar and give her a glass in your hand.” Then he solved this problem by including me in the scene where I danced under a waterfall. I was 15, I was in the tenth grade. But this is an example of how the brain works by Michael Bay,

— then told Megan.

Megan Fox Jimmy Kimmel

Yes, this is an example of how the brain works each of us. But some of us have the decency to suppress these thoughts and pretend they don’t exist,

laughing, commented on the revelation of the actress presenter Jimmy Kimmel.

Then his reaction, it seems, no one revolted, and the audience laughed at a “joke”, and now the video has caused uproar in the network. Users have noted how uncomfortable the actress after Kimmel and accused Hollywood filmmakers of the fact that they used the sexy Megan, and then destroyed her career, declaring a bad actress.

“Megan Fox tells how Michael Bay used to make her a sex diva in 15 years. The crowd laughs and jokes Kimmel. Adolescent girls are pursued by older men, never to be taken seriously, and this is not perceived”.

“what were they thinking, inviting a 15-year-old to the role of party girl in a bikini?”. “we Need more shows with female presenters. I’m sure this conversation would have been different if the leading was a woman.”

the network you can also find information that unworthy attitude Fox encountered in the casting of the film “transformers” (the Director of the movie was also Michael Bay and producer Steven Spielberg).

Today, fans of the actress calling for a boycott of these two influential figures in the Hollywood film industry, but also call them to account for mistreatment of a Fox and the destruction of her career. Recall that the actress was dismissed from the filming of the third film in the franchise after she compared Director Michael Bay with Adolf Hitler. The Director then ��have Avil that the initiator of dismissal was Steven Spielberg.

Megan Fox in “transformers”

Discussion from fans on the Internet, it seems, caught the eye and the Fox. 34-year-old actress wrote a message to his fans, thanking them for their support, but urged not to make anyone sentences.

I know that the network started a debate around my experience in Hollywood and the subsequent misuse of this information by the press and society in General. While I really appreciate your support, I feel that it is necessary to clarify some of the details as they were lost in the retelling of the events. br>
I was about 15 or 16 years old when I starred in “Bad boys 2”, and there are several interviews where I shared my story of how I was chosen for the scene. However, it is important to note that when I auditioned at the film “transformers”, I was 19 or 20 years. I did my job, pretending to know how to turn with a wrench is standing beside a Ferrari. br>
It was in the Parking lot of the Studio, Platinum Dunes, there were a few other team members and staff, and I have never been asked to undress or something like that. I was no longer a minor, and I was not forced to wash the car. Whatever opinions may have been formed around these episodes, I wish they were based on facts. br>
Please hear me when I thank you for your support. But these specific cases was not significant in the long and difficult journey, during which I experienced some really painful moments in this relentless misogynistic industry. There are many names that deserve to be boycotted right now, but they are stored in my heart. br>
When it comes to my direct experience with Michael and Steven, I have never encountered something from them that could be called sexual harassment or abuse

— posted by Megan in on instagram.