A woman in a pink swimsuit sliding closer and closer to the edge of a cliff in a picture perfect area, while she lifts her arms against the blue sky and smile big for its photographer.

From the top of the cliff, where the woman sits, there are several hundred feet down, and a drop away would be fatal. It looks the woman dog large on.

There should be a picture to the social media Instagram – even though most can see that she is immediately in danger.

the Video of the daring woman can be seen on the Instagram account ‘the Influencers in the Wild’.

‘the Influencers in the Wild’ is set in the world to show how it looks, if you turn the camera the opposite way, so you can see how the beautiful Instagram images have been to.

the Account in a short time, scored no less than 2.1 million. followers, all will be entertained by its content.

On the profile you can see a video of a man who will stand on the hands by the side of The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

While the man think that he is being photographed, he instead filmed – and it is unfortunate for him, he loses balance and tumbles backwards in his eagerness to get the perfect picture for Instagram.

Unfortunate for him, yes, but also to the great amusement of the 734.000 people who have seen the tåkrummende video.

A second video on the ‘Influencers in the Wild’ shows a beautiful woman in a sparkling red dress filming themselves dancing sexy during a concert.

On the ‘Influencers in the Wild’ you can watch the video as she filmed the handheld in the best selfiestil.

But you can also see a second video, which reveals how it looked to others, as she filmed herself – filmed from a different place on the tilskuerrækkerne.

the Woman do something to the front of the camera, and therefore it is extra amusing to see, how it looks to other people, when she is filming itself.

It is the 85,000 of people who have the pressure on the small heart icon under the picture, probably agree, while the other is something gross in the rhetoric and asks rhetorically in the comments section, why no one has pushed the woman out from the koncertbalkonen yet.

‘the Influencers in the Wild’ shows a large number of more or less tåkrummende moments, and it is the impact itself, that sends the videos via the profile website.

the Man behind the profile called ‘Tank’, but he has to several media revealed his real first name, George.