French “mermaid in Paris” by Matthias Malizia originally designated as Siren: too tail, but sings. The plot follows “the Surge” – a romantic tale with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah, but without the confident handwriting of the Director Ron Howard. Experiencing love crisis singer Gaspar river from the Paris cabaret-see barges on the river Seine naked babe with a tail and eyes of hypnotizers; his tail was not surprised, but eyes subdued. He put a pretty bulky girl on the shoulder and placed in a private tub as confidently as if always dealt with amphibians. Loving Gaspar fish is balanced by the coldness not knowing love siren Lula, and that will lead to offensive disharmony of the two creatures.

Director Matias Malizia famous cute animated musical “Mechanics of the heart” – some of the techniques he endured in his first feature film. But conditionality animation is a fundamentally different artistic environment, and the fact that in the cartoon charms, performed by live actors seem nocturnal delirium Chihuahua. The film breaks down into episodes, the picture – burlesque, it is realistic, how would surreal, between them no internal connections, excentrica not working, the characters lose their charm and the warmth of the drawing and lifeless look, the situation is ridiculous. The authors, for example, do not realize that feeding a girl-fish fried fish, they put her in the slippery position of a cannibal. And working with actors, carving out their natural emotions – not the same as animating graphics. The plot could be graceful in animation in feature films suddenly looks clumsy.

the Girl-fish was released in the company of two cute little dog – Ali, of the Korean family Comedy, “Save the Panda” and the famous lassie, making his next trip in German “lassie: the Return home.” The first detective-polyglot-Ju along with a police dog Ali looking for a missing Panda, the second angelic boy Flo is looking for a border collie, escaped from exile in search of home. About lassie for the first time written by the British novelist Eric knight, the story immediately filmed, and then again and again – it has become the textbook as “Cinderella.” Not because of literary merit. Success is about the same as the books Seton-Thompson, his canadian colleagues: animals are humanized and sympathy and tenderness, they are always a kinder, fairer and more humane insidious and heartless humanoid. Look at this everyone understands collies can be infinite, as a wave or flame, the success of the new family picture is provided.

In the story the boy’s father is Director of a glass factory – loses his job, the factory closed, we need to change the spacious house to a smaller apartment, the dog will have to give to others. It is, of course, I’ll accept and launched into a long dangerous journey from the island where he took her to his home. There is also a wise gentle man, an impoverished aristocrat von Sprengel, is and his granddaughter – variant angry Greta Thunberg, who believes that to drive a car is like the polar bear to put a bullet in the forehead, there is also a likeness of the former Butler – clearly ye double minded man that we know, thanks to lassie, this clever scoundrels from the crack and begins to growl. And her only flaw is that rare dog that is afraid of water. But I’m not giving away any secrets if I say that everything will end well – such films always have a happy ending, and therefore loved by the public. Of course, it is hard to believe: a huge Germany in the film is sufficiently compact to characters wander around it, its open spaces managed to find each other, being at the right time in the right place. But for it movie to tell us beautiful, comforting fairy tales.

“Save the Panda” is another family Comedy about a police officer who after the injury regained the ability to understand the language of animals. He is a shepherd have to find a VIP stolen Panda Minmin, diplomatic gift of brotherly China. The idea is a funny action game where four-legged actors, as always, play a much better two-legged. But the main miscalculation Director Kim Tae-young admitted, taking the strange decision of the Panda to shoot the actor in a bearskin – that the presence of natural pandas, and even in the age of GGI, seems inexplicable. It is clear that the charm of the paintings from this packaging is greatly reduced. The film suffered from the dubbing – we somehow made the movies the mysterious East to sound unnatural kamykowski a strangled voices, and it is difficult to understand that Korean actors are so bad, or is it our. So the attempt of the highly experienced South Korean movie to make their “babe” – or at least his “Dr. Doolittle” – was not too successful.