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Thursday, September 24, 2020
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The Israeli authorities are ready to impose a complete blockade of the country to prevent the spread of coronavirus. According to the Prime Minister of the country, such measures the government will take if the measures already taken will not lead to a reduction in the number of infections.
Panda-marathon was held yesterday in the China on the background of easing measures to combat coronavirus. It was attended by a thousand runners.
In Russia, for the day identified 61 new cases of infection with coronavirus. Most people affected are in Moscow, there are already infected 54 people, one in Novgorod, Arkhangelsk, Bryansk region, two in Udmurtia and the Kirov region. They all returned from trips abroad.
During the day, has identified more than twenty-seven thousand new cases. More than 1,200 people were killed. The highest mortality from CОVID-19 in Italy. There's eve the death toll has exceeded 3300, and now on this sad indicator Italy ahead of China, despite the fact that infected on the Apennines half.
The world health organization has sent gloves, masks, and gowns in 18 countries. This was reported by representatives of the organization. The who notes that now is gaining momentum, in China the virus is spread only on a cruise ship "diamond Princess", which is now quarantined.