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It is assumed that foreign nationals will provide the opportunity not to give up current citizenship to obtain Russian
This is because some of them did not get certificates for use
The applicant complained about the smells from cooking in the production departments of the store
The girl and the man was pulled from the water dead
The remuneration of the Prime Minister in 2009 amounted to about 79 million rubles
One of the inspectors asked to become a godfather
The main theme of the issue was the coronavirus
On Friday in the capital are expected frosts to 15 degrees
According to him, is conditionally-physiological rhythm of each person is different
The premiere of the fourth film of the franchise is scheduled for may 2021
During the searches it was revealed 3.5 thousand packages of drugs
Plane with medical supplies sent to China 8 Feb
In the framework of the Moscow city Duma Chairman called for veteran Maria Nikitin
Cleaning is engaged the team of 8 people
She stated that she will perform at the gala concert of the Grand Prix in Moscow
43-year-old Aydar Akayev had a heart attack
One of the main owners of Norilsk Nickel Vladimir Potanin has risen to first place in the Forbes list among Russians
A proposal made in the Federation of migrants of Russia
Muscovites warned of sleet and gusty winds
In Russia in the next two years the cost of housing could increase to 25 percent
This initiative can be considered in the state Duma
A proposal has been sent to the head of the traffic police
Gusty wind will blow with a speed of 5-10 meters per second
The number of supporters of the Union of Belarus with Europe increased
The composer of "the Lion King" and "Interstellar" will arrive in the capital with the Symphony program
According to the head of the National chamber, this kind of disease is more dangerous than the coronavirus
The ranking was prepared by specialists of the center of researches Federal and regional alcohol markets
It is known that the textbook recommended by the Ministry of education
In case of refusal, the child will be placed in an institution of social protection
He returned home by the police
Among them, the coronavirus and the purchase of foreign currency by the Finance Ministry
Dmitri Bulba died at the 54th year of life
Citizens urged not to resort to self-medication and to seek help to the experts
The Deputy Prime Minister said such measures on humanitarian action
Problems faced the inhabitants of the European part of Russia and Ural
Under forecasts of weather forecasters, air temperature in the city will fall within weeks
The problem of damage of roads due to studded tires was discussed at a round table in the state Duma
Talking about the books that were produced in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
Yellow level weather risk in Moscow and the Moscow region extended
90-year-old man was registered for the flight on 2 February and he had a ticket for the extra comfort seat
The face of British actor considered ideal based on the principle of the Golden section
On Board a Russian military transport plane 64 people with personal belongings

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