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The President urged to consider the factors of external challenges and risks
In particular, the Russian side is interested in his work on conflict settlement in Donbass
MPs have also made the initiative on the introduction of responsibility for rubbish dumping in the wrong places
This initiative brought in a bill on the amendment of the Constitution of Russia
This was announced by the head of the Duma Committee on legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov
Personal protective equipment can be distributed at stations with large passenger flow
The question, whether subjected to the decisions of the previous government inventory, considered incorrect
Press Secretary of the President explained that information about the torture of members of criminal community have repeatedly checked
This was told by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova
Earlier, Lukashenko said that relations between Minsk and Moscow "the moment of truth"
The fellowship leaders began in a tete-a-tete
This was announced by Deputy mayor for social development Anastasia Rakova
Under current law, after the date of appointment of the pension the woman loses the right to allocate funds for other purposes
This was stated by state Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov
It is assumed that foreign nationals will provide the opportunity not to give up current citizenship to obtain Russian
The remuneration of the Prime Minister in 2009 amounted to about 79 million rubles
The changes are aimed at improving the functioning of the political system
A curious situation occurred at the meeting of the Russian leader with members of the public in Cherepovets
The President noted that he was pleased that in the country there is wide debate over amendments
Law enforcement agencies had no claims against Mikhail Ignatyev
The Kremlin said that while this question did not arise on the agenda
The timing of Putin's visit to China, despite the spread of coronavirus remain unchanged
Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that all proposals consider the working group
According to the press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, the contacts on the oil crisis can be implemented
He believes that the reaction of Palestine and other States indicate the discrepancy between the norms and the failure to plan on their part
According to him, the manifested actions Ignatieff to people indicate the contempt of the people
The decree was signed by the acting head of the Republic Oleg Nikolaev
The Russian President also expressed sympathy and wished speedy recovery to the sick
For violation of ethical standards, Michael Ignatieff, was expelled from the party "United Russia
The decision to dismiss was made on the background of the new tasks set by the President
The corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin
Victor Vodolatsky expressed the view that the single currency in Russia and Belarus will appear not earlier than 2030
The order and timing of the ballot now being worked out, said the press Secretary
During a visit to Bethlehem Putin discussed with President of the Palestinian state Mahmoud Abbas issues of bilateral cooperation
Previously this information appeared in the telegram channels
Pushkov noted that the glorification of Bandera can turn Ukraine into a "pariah"
Alexei Chesnakov said, what about the future plans and reasons for leaving Surkov will report later
The decree on the resignation of assistant of Vladimir Putin, Vladislav Surkov no
The decree on the resignation of assistant of Vladimir Putin, Vladislav Surkov no
According to the latest data, the earthquake killed at least 21 people, more than 1 thousand have suffered
In response to the words Bodnar it is proposed to introduce such designations as Ukrus or Rosukr

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