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Thursday, December 9, 2021
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Previously finished the investigation about armed assault on the house of the head of the CEC
On Board a Russian military transport plane 64 people with personal belongings
The forensic investigation was held in Vladikavkaz
Passengers are escorted by doctors and staff of the Ministry of defense
About it informs the press service of the defense Ministry
We also know of cases of recovery to overcome the disease managed to 680 people
The athlete says that an employee of the Department injured himself
Under the influence of the spread of a new type of coronavirus, the demand for international aviation market fell sharply
Currently, the investigators find out circumstances of death of the student
The organization noted that coronaviruses do not live that long
According to some, the pressure on the woman was to the incident at the airport
Traffic police checks in respect of acts of the citizen
It is reported that both cases are Chinese citizens
Earlier, the Deputy attorney General noted that the qualification of the girls is established by a consequence wrong
According to the results of the examination of infectious pathology experts excluded
The results of analyses of all Chinese citizens was negative
Earlier, seven tourists from China was taken to the hospital of the Metropolitan hotel

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