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Burned personal belongings in the area of 10 square meters
Burned personal belongings in the area of 10 square meters
The fire spread to the 25th floor in the dining room
In October 2019, the Russian authorities have addressed to the Kingdom with a request of the court on the suspects home
The cause of death was detached thrombus
In place of incident employees of the transport police
On-Board load sensor failure of the air conditioning system
The man showed the funds in the survey on "green corridor"
The incident occurred at the station Reshetnikovo
In the cinema there is a short circuit in one of the halls
After man had more than 2 thousand violations
The fire area is about 200 square meters
The plane made an emergency landing in the Northern capital
It was reported that the incident occurred due to sudden changes in the wind
Earlier received an anonymous message about the respective threat
On Board were 88 passengers and six crew members, nobody suffered
The owner of the car was in Sochi at the moment when he got the signal from the satellite on the movement of traffic
The official international name for the disease who has not given
The driver drove onto the crossing in front of approaching composition
Previously, it was decided to transfer the child to the guardianship authorities
The fire occurred in the area of 10 square meters
The exact date, the number of victims and the circumstances of their deaths are not specified
The fire area has made 15 square metres
The movement of trains interfered with a foreign object on the tracks
The fire occurred in the house on Union street
The incident occurred in the Tagansky district of the capital
A similar restriction will affect Hong Kong
According to witnesses, the man tried to climb from the tracks onto the platform before an oncoming train
As a result, one of them almost ripped in half
The airport is remote thermometry passengers
Analyst Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin has made a prediction about possible price increase of 10-15% in case of delays in supply of equipment
Earlier, seven Chinese citizens were hospitalized with a high fever from a hotel in Moscow
The ability of coronaviruses to transmit from person to person has increased
Tourism companies were invited to return to clients payments "through friendly consultations" without penalties
The doctors took seven Chinese citizens from hotels in Voykovsky district

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