Anna Margaretha Neff:
It is untenable that a woman up to 13. Pregnancy is referred to a week as “sick”. Our law is misogynistic and discriminatory. The legislature cemented to a social attitude that a woman was not pregnant, if you have your child in front of the 13. Week loses.

she gets a bill for the loss of your child. This is as a psychological Signal to be infringing. We very much hope that the policy of these abuses, finally acknowledges.

Unfortunately, it confirmed her in the belief that you are not allowed to talk about the early loss of their child and mourn. Also the use of language is hurtful: Once a woman is pregnant, expecting a Baby. If it dies in the belly of the mother, is spoken from the Embryo, or even of the pregnancy tissue.

talk, talk, Talk. Around 20’000 women in Switzerland lose your child in the first Trimester a year, and nobody talks about it. These women feel in their grief alone, and often with her husband is not connected. You and the company does not admit you to his mother. If we collapse as a society of this taboo, we help women and families. In addition, the Parts of our own history can lead to a self-made solitude and solidarity among mothers strengths.

Us women to call again and again, the have lost in the toilet, your child, flushed and then very regretted. I always advise, if possible, the lost child look in every stage. In addition, rituals help to integrate the loss into your life. The least know, that you are allowed to bury the unborn child, if it is so small, in the forest or in your own garden.

Anna Margareta Neff (50) is head of, a midwife and a grief specialist. Child offers free consultations by phone or E-Mail for those Affected.

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