Today, the MacBook needs to stay home. Normally, writing article, emails answered, and photos edited. This work is now complete, the new iPad Pro. And the large Version with the 12.9-inch Screen.

Granted, in addition to the Tablet with the up to the edges of the drawn screen, the Laptop looks a little frumpy. And if you supported him, strengthened this feeling. Here are the past with the Trackpad, there is the future with gesture control and face unlock.

The iPad is ready, as soon as you unfold it. The MacBook it takes even a little bit, if the device was only placed in the Stand-by mode. However, if you expect a huge size and weight difference, you will be disappointed. The Notebook is compact and doesn’t take in the bag a lot more space. And something about 300 grams of weight make a difference in everyday life, no big difference.

The usual working tools, there is, in our case, all for the iPad. Just in the case of the Google applications, it is not an advantage if you are working only in the Browser but on the iPad, the individual programs as an App can use. So you can jump around between Apps quickly and herswipen.

The keyboard will cost 219 francs extra

let’s get started with the Writing of an Online article directly into the System of the VIEWS. This is on the keyboard of the iPad Pro similar to afloat as to that of the MacBooks. It is a pity, however, that the tip quality has been improved compared to its predecessor. You pay überrissene 219 francs, and still has only a medium-good Keyboard-case without the illumination of the buttons.

After all, there are two angles you can set. Others, such as Microsoft’s Surface offer as but infinitely more possibilities. Also it happens with the new folding mechanism more often that you are lifting too much of the magnetic back and the keyboard from the iPad to replace.

Speaking of magnets: Very cool magnetic holder for the pen that will be re-loaded directly so it is solved. The Pencil is lost less often, the costs are also extra and 149 Swiss francs. But attention: The magnetic Click is not enough to carry the pen safely pinned in his pocket. There, it dissolves.

So the iPad is more flexible, but at work, on the go, not direct benefits. In space, there is need for such hardly any differences. On your knees the MacBook is even much more stable and you can turn the screen exactly the way you want to.

the touch screen of the tablet is a big advantage, especially if you are sitting close to the device. A finger tip on the Display is in many cases faster and easier than Fiddling with the Touchpad. There are also keyboard shortcuts work as usual, this is a good combination.

Not every professional program is to Touch

optimized Just if you need to copy a lot of files, text or Numbers, you realize that the iPad is based on an operating system for mobile devices. Much one step more, is less flexible, because you can arrange, for example, it is not arbitrary and simply window, side by side. Even if, of course, in the meantime, also on the iPad, Multitasking is possible.

In the Test on the also problems, such as with forms on web pages or in Zip files. Although there is a solution for everything, but it is often just one or two steps more complicated than the MacBook.

However, there are also Web applications that are not optimized for Touch. The VIEWS of the production system. And so we were able to transfer pictures onto the iPad, edit and then upload. In the article, didn’t work.

It may well be that everything works as on a Laptop or PC. This can be crucial. Conversely, the iPad also offers some things that don’t work on the MacBook. About the quick access to countless Apps, specifically matched to the System. In terms of Multimedia, the iPad has the nose in front.

the battery of The iPad Pro does Not hold for at least ten hours

forget the pen. Although we have used it in the Test, only once really, namely, a document to sign and then send back. But those who work in graphic or multimedia area, with the pen, countless opportunities.

The character arts in the Digital Editor are rather modest, but when you Watch the train, as a Hip-Hop-Hipster graffiti on the iPad has been painted, it became clear how big the potential is in the creative field. This creates not a Laptop.

What must be said: The computing power of the iPad is enough easily for quick image editing and for the seamless Switching between a dozen Apps. Everything runs at least as smooth as on the MacBook. And in terms of battery life, the iPad also has the nose in front. After about five hours of work we still had about 50 percent battery. The promised ten hours, you should reach to be so good, the MacBook it was in the Test one to two hours less.

Working with the iPad is now almost as good as with a Notebook. Whether or not it can replace it entirely, depends on the area of application. The biggest Strengths of the new iPad Pro in the Gaming and Multimedia field. And as an all-rounder for all situations.

The iPad Pro is approaching the professional equipment in all areas – even at the price. The 12.9-inch Version will cost at least 1139 francs. Only 64 GB of storage but there is. Who wants to work in addition to WiFi and also with mobile, don’t pay again 180 francs surcharge – keyboard and pen are included. We have tested the top version with 1 TB of storage. The cost is fabulous 2219 Swiss francs.

For comparison: The cheapest MacBook with 128 GB of memory available for 1475 Swiss francs. For 2250 Swiss francs, there is the well-equipped Version with Touchbar and 512 GB of memory.