education is the responsibility of the States. Therefore, it is your responsibility to define the States or the school districts, who will be included in the emergency care of schools and day care centers.

  • criterion is the age of the Child. In principle, however, it is assumed that at the latest as from the fifth grade children for a longer period of time home alone could remain.
  • A further criterion to the occupations of the parents are Often only children get a place in the emergency care, if both parents work (or Single parents) in system-related Occupations, and no other care is possible.
  • systemically important or critical occupations

    to take the emergency care, you will need to exercise parents so professions that are needed in order to maintain the social life to maintain. Many of the länder designate the following areas as relevant to the system:

    • police, fire brigade, rescue services and aid organisations
    • correctional
    • crisis staff
    • operation the necessary personnel for the position of public infrastructure (telecommunications, energy, water, public transport, waste disposal)
    • operation the necessary personnel in the field of health (in particular medical staff, nursing staff and medical assistants, cleaning staff, other staff in hospitals, doctor’s offices, laboratories, Procurement, pharmacy)
    • operation the necessary personnel in the care sector
    • operation the necessary personnel and Key functionaries in public institutions and authorities of the Federation and the länder, Senate administrations, district offices, land offices and local authorities, job centers and public Services and emergency services
    • staff, the emergency care in kindergarten and school provides.
    • miscellaneous-operating assets and staff of the critical infrastructure and the basic and food supply

    you’re not sure how to do it have your state during the school closure in times of Corona in hand? The pages of the ministries of education to define, what children are entitled to emergency care and which professions may apply, as relevant to the system.

    More about the closing of school during the Corona-crisis

    • Starting next week to close nationwide for all schools where there is emergency care
    • no school, No grandparents: What parents, the Corona-Chaos now

    infections Lodge of the need to know gives the all-clear: “Many of the children are infected, but the course is mild” PCP infection Loge gives the all-clear: “Many of the children are infected, but the course is mild”