air defense (PVO) of Syria reflected a missile attack in the skies over Damascus. As the result of enemy attack injured seven Syrian soldiers. This writes the news Agency SANA.

According to the source, a series of attacks staged by Israel from the occupied Golan heights from the area of Majdal Shams at around 21:48 local time. In response, Damascus opened fire on air targets and struck down most of the missiles before they reached ground targets.

as a result of the attacks the Syrian side was damaged.

April 27 air defense troops of the Syrian capital reflected the night rocket fire. According to unconfirmed information, the impact of Lebanese airspace have caused the Israel defense forces. Defense of Damascus managed to shoot down a few missiles.

the Golan heights that belonged to Syria since 1944, captured by Israel in the six day war in 1967. In 1981, the Israeli Parliament adopted the law “On the Golan”, which unilaterally proclaimed sovereignty over the territory.