Syria: radicals posted a video of a burning helicopter

the Syrian army for the first time in 7 years, regained control of the highway Damascus-Aleppo. This was preceded by fierce battles with the terrorists. First and foremost, in the province of Idlib. Now this area special attention. There are increasing their military presence in the division of Turkey. The situation escalates with each passing hour. The only journalists who have managed to be in the combat zone, became a film crew “Russia”.

the Syrian army for the first time since 2012, controls the road to Damascus — Aleppo. Government forces managed to push back the militants. Here in Idlib successful actions of Syrian army units had freed from terrorists a number of key towns of Maarat al-Numan, Saracci, in Aleppo, the soldiers of government forces drove the radicals of the suburban neighborhoods Rassadin. The result of the M5 highway, in fact, became the line of contact.

Now the militants groups that operate in Idlib province, attempting to attack the Syrian army units that are in the settlements along the road that connects the Northern capital of the country and Damascus.

the Militants used artillery, mortars, jet systems of volley fire he uses to attack the assault team in armored vehicles. Moreover, the militants used the presence of Ankara in the area of de-escalation, are covered by the Turkish military, are trying to act in the vicinity of the observation posts of the Turkish armed forces. They hide behind the Turkish military.

the result of these actions, on February 11 was shot down Mi-8 helicopter of the Syrian armed forces near Idlib. The radicals published a video of the burning car. The footage shows the crew and passengers who were on Board were killed. And the footage shows that the radicals savagely turning with dead bodies.

Turkey continues to increase its military presence in the Syrian province. The city of Idlib, according to military intelligence of Syria, is about 100 Turkish tanks, tenkey units of light armored vehicles, artillery, jet systems of volley fire. According to Damascus, the Turkish army here supports the actions of the militants of radical groups, covers them with artillery fire, provides intelligence.

on the Eve of Ankara accused Damascus of intentional blow to the Turkish military near the airport taftanaz, in which five people were killed and another five soldiers were injured. Turkey responded with artillery fire at the location of the Syrian forces from the M5 and city Saracci.

the situation in the province remains extremely difficult. It is worth Recalling that Idlib is one of the main centers of international terrorism. Ankara has failed to ensure the disarmament of terrorist groups that operate here. The area of de-escalation Idlib radicals used as a base for strikes against the Syrian army and civilian objects, which are at the line of contact.

In Idlib continue to operate the training centres, bombings and sabotage groups that obey the leaders of the former branch of “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia).