Syria: chlorine provocation of the militants failed

What is happening now in Idlib and fails to comply with the stipulated mode?

the Route Damascus — Aleppo the next day after the Moscow meeting between Putin and Erdogan. According to M-4 are re buses. The road that connects the two parts of the Syrian capital opened officially yet, for civilians. The Turkish military was able to convince the militants of the terrorist groups to cease fire. It is not clear what prevented it to make earlier.

In the center of the reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, and Russian officers are engaged in round-the-clock monitoring of the situation, declare minor violations of the cease-fire with the radicals, but concluded that in General the situation is normal, although it is not clear how long the truce. Not all bandit leaders support the political process. Militants so do speak openly, they say, do not comply with the plan.

the Radical transfer line of the additional forces, weapons, actively erecting fortifications. And it already contradicts the Moscow agreements.

March 15 should be formed a security corridor along highway M-4 Latakia — Aleppo, on the same day to start joint Russian-the Turkish patrol. I understand that the terrorists of the former branch of “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia) must move away from the road for six miles to the North. And Turkish military advisers have fighters to rush. Although it was clear that the leaders of the Hyatt Tahrir al-sham (banned in Russia) not happy with the political agreement between President Putin and President Erdogan. Once it became clear that the leaders have agreed on a ceasefire from midnight on March 6, the radicals opened fire, that is, from all barrels.

Saraqib is the place of greatest activity of the Armed forces of Turkey in Idlib. Russian military police began patrolling the trails in the area at the time, when on the outskirts of the city there were fights. But Turkish advisors are unable to support the attack militants in the city, over which there was a Russian flag. The militants even tried to use the standard move, which is so like the Western human rights activists. And here, as in network humor, in any unclear situation blow up chlorine.

the Syrian military found the place where the militants were planning a provocation using chemical weapons. In the city of Saraqib in one of the houses during engineer reconnaissance soldiers of the government forces found a container of a chemical substance, an improvised explosive device and equipment for working with hazardous chemicals. The building was secured. To the place of profit experts, our group was accompanied by officers of the departments of chemical protection. The analyzer shown in artisanal capacity is really a toxic substance.

“during a more thorough inspection next to the container of liquid was discovered improvised explosive device with the supplied wires. Our equipment recorded that the yellow substance in the container is a chemical toxic substances. According to the results of the preliminary analysis revealed that chlorine,” — said one of the Syrian military.

the representative of the Russian centre for reconciliation the warring parties in Syria had previously stated that in the Western neighborhoods of Saraqib to disrupt the advance of government forces a group of 15 terrorists tried to blow up the ammunition along with tanks filled with toxic chemicals, and then tried to accuse the Syrian army of the use of banned toxic substances. Now the big question is whether Ankara to keep from rash action own proxies or the Syrian army again have forced the terrorists to the world.

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