For the first Time in ten months, has reached an aid convoy of the United Nations refugee camp Rukban on the Syrian-Jordanian border. In the warehouse, up to 50,000 people were in desperate need of help, shared with the United Nations. In addition to food, medicines and hygiene articles vaccine will be dealt for around 10,000 children.

Actually, the convoy should arrive a week ago, after the government had given in Damascus to their approval. Logistical and security reasons delayed according to the UN, but the delivery of aid. A US backed rebel group controlled the area. In October, the Syrian army had sealed off the camp with the justification that they wanted to prevent smugglers and traders to do business there.

for the Last time were able to provide the UN and the organisation Syrian Arab red Crescent refugee camp in January of this year. According to the UN, women and children live there. Thousands of people are living due to the lack of food and medical threat weakened. Local activists also reported that least five people have died due to poor care in the camp.

The convoy in January, was launched from Jordan. Since then, the Kingdom has blocked the border for humanitarian convoys and declared the area a military zone, after there had been an attack on a Jordanian border post in the vicinity. The country had recorded in recent years, a number of Refugees from the civil war country Syria, rejects any responsibility for the conditions in the camp beyond the border.