Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone (73) visited in his young years in a Swiss school. So far, he raved always of this time. He quipped that he didn’t make it, a Swiss girl to tear open. Or he told, he had discovered, thanks to a piece of theatre, his passion for acting.

In an Interview with the “Sunday newspaper” he is now completely different tones. Stallone laments: “It was terrible. The school had no proper authorisation. And yet 90 students. Most of the time was Chaos.”

He flew from several schools

The “Rambo”Star, the American College of Switzerland in Leysin, VD attended. There, he joined, because he was a bad student in the United States. He was even flown by a few schools. He needed a change. “Right, well I was just in sports. I saw an ad in a magazine. And I said to myself: Maybe I can keep fooling you in Switzerland. I had actually a couple of awards in athletics. I presented and said: If you adopt me something from the school fees, I give as Top pupils in sports lessons, and you have me.”

He finds but positive words about his time in Leysin: The view there was wonderful.

“He was full of Complex and terribly closed”

From Stallone’s time in the Western part of Switzerland, a more than 30-year-old article in the “Illustré is”. There it is, Stallone has to urgently needed money, and therefore short-hand for his class mates Burger fried in. And if his colleagues in the boarding school brought night-time visit, did not he have to pay for it, to betray it.

His former class teacher, David Zagier, the magazine told time: “He was a nice Boy, but full of Complex and terribly sealed. I managed, however, to arouse his interest for the literature. He has finally taken on a role in the school production of Arthur Miller’s “death of a salesman”. The viewers have had at the Premiere only has eyes for him.” (bsn)