Carl Jakob Haupt lost on good Friday at the age of only 34 years in the fight against cancer. As his wife Giannina main (25) writes in an emotional Instagram Post, fell asleep in the German “Dandy Diary”-bloggers in your arms “peacefully”. “The love of my life, which will always be my love, my heart, is gone from us”, say it in your Post.

“He has gone as he wished. After weeks of the fight against cancer. He was in this last Moment with me, with our love.” How the “picture” reports, were Mainly family and close friends in his vicinity, as he died in a Buddhist hospital.

“Lived each day as if it were our last”

Carl Jakob Haupt and Giannina had given only last August in Berlin, the Yes-word, and in September in Sicily, their wedding was celebrated. They were three years a Couple of. “The time we both had with each other was so intense that words cannot describe. We lived every day together as if it were our last,” she writes in a sad Statement.

For the main, it was the second marriage: in 2013, he had given Influencerin and Instagram-Star Bonnie Strange (32) in Las Vegas. The marriage lasted only a year.

“Jacob complained, despite the disease never”

According to the “image” was diagnosed at the age of 31 of cancer. “Jacob complained, despite the disease never. He looked on the Beautiful in life, was fearless and has always enjoyed everything to the fullest,” writes his wife. The last main was celebrated in February at the Munich security conference – a dinner with the US Vice-President Mike Pence (59).

Carl Jakob Haupt was particularly true in Berlin as a well-known face in the fashion and party scene. In 2009, his school friend David Roth founded the Fashion Blog “Dandy Diary”, starting in 2010, the two business partners. With the men’s Blog, the Berlin-based Duo celebrated successes: in 2012, the two published a Fashion-Porn, 2013, “the New York Times reported,” and Roth after you had sneaked in a runabout to “Dolce & Gabbana”fashion show. In 2016, the two opened in Berlin, the vegan Snack bar “Dandy Diner”.

Grateful for the “wonderful absurd moments with him,”

The “Dandy Diary”-the Duo is known for its wild parties known: As they celebrated, according to “time” with Live tattoos, drunken small-sized, living elephant and fire puckern. “I don’t believe that today, a few days after Jacob’s death, for me, capture what it all means. Jacob was always there – side by side – I am grateful that I was allowed to all the wonderful absurd moments with him,” writes his friend and Co-Blogger David Roth at Instagram.

In the past year, sass, Carl Jakob Haupt next top model Manuela Frey (22) in the case of “Switzerland’s next Topmodel” in the Jury. She shared in Instagram a photo with the head and wrote: “Fly, angels, fly. It was a pleasure to meet you in my life! Thank you.” (kad)