The Confederation would like to have the fiver and the best device. The man who want to both obtain, your Federal President. To bored this purpose, Ueli Maurer in Beijing. The fives is the Chinese IT company Huawei, is planning to go in Switzerland, Big. The best device is the free trade agreement with the United States, this is also a big thing. However, after the row.

a year Ago, the then Federal councillor Doris Leuthard to visit to Huawei in Shenzhen, as the mobile phone giant surprised her with the news, in Zurich, or Lausanne, research and development centres; the contracts with the universities were short of the signature.

It’s more than Peanuts. Of a volume of around 100 million Swiss francs. Many Jobs also.

free trade agreement with the United States in danger?

Since then the suspect is under radio silence. Was signed, such as searches of Sunday, view show, nothing so far. On demand, the ETH is covered, it was with Huawei in contact, will communicate in the next few months.

Obviously, the Swiss Contracting party to wait. Research by the Sunday views, show why: they are afraid of the Americans. Because when it comes to the middle Kingdom, responding Washington highly sensitive. Between the United States and China, something like a trade war is still in progress. And America claims, Huawei will suck the used by Beijing to carry out espionage, knowhow and data. The provisional climax of the conflict, the arrest of Huawei’s chief financial officer in Canada, at the Insistence of the United States.

The fear in this country: If Switzerland is compacted to obvious with the Chinese, could refuse to the Americans, a free trade agreement with Switzerland to conclude.

Switzerland relies on the discretion of

to neither the five nor the best device dispense, Switzerland therefore supports the discretion. Recently, the Chinese were visiting in the Federal house. Huawei-Switzerland-in-chief Felix Kamer had brought Chinese colleagues, including the Huawei-Europe-in-chief. Parliamentarians organized for the guests a short Meeting with the Federal President.

Ueli Maurer signalled to the Chinese, as on Sunday, a view from Bern learned that he wanted to have their centres in the country. He had, however, given rise to concerns that he could not look official in Shenzhen is over – because you have to discuss just with the United States on an agreement. In this respect he had received from the Department of foreign Affairs clear guidelines.

The Chinese were impressed by the Meeting with the Federal President’s deep, is reported by one who was there. Prompt came because a few days later, the message is: If Maurer in China come over, will you decide for Switzerland. The race is open to: Ireland is for the research centers in conversation.

Maurer’s delicate Mission

what is Mason so well in China? The Department of Finance confirmed on request, that talks with the mobile radio are planned to be giants. And: “A Meeting of the Federal President Ueli Maurer with Huawei rosters is possible”, says a spokesman for Mason.

according to insiders, the Whole not supposed to happen, if possible, unofficially, to snub to the Americans only. To could not Details to comment on currently, as a Meeting could only take place on Sunday or on Monday, is the response from Bern.

In the case of Huawei, it sounds cautiously optimistic: The collaboration with the ETH make good progress. Details will be communicate later. The one with the fives and the best device could work.