With a lot of Pomp, was received by Federal President Ueli Maurer (68) these days in China: Because Switzerland is one of the few Western countries participating in by means of an agreement on China’s Belt and Road Initiative. The new silk road is a gigantic, economy, political project, with the China, the domestic economy closer to the European market wants to connect.

However, under the economic guise of China, many of the countries in this new trade route is trying also to influence politically. In addition, the question of whether it is right to cooperate with a one-party dictatorship for the democratic and neutral Switzerland. With a Regime that increasingly sophisticated methods, its citizens are monitored, and around a million Uyghurs in the camps, the it a euphemistic label such re-education camp.

Two agreements were planned

The a do and the other is not, has said Switzerland, apparently, as today, the “Tagesanzeiger” revealed: The Federal Council wanted streets the economic Are agreement with an agreement on human rights associate. The have decided to the Federal Council in June 2018.

Specifically, it came to a second agreement, in the delicate political as well as human rights, the protection of ethnic minorities, or environmental problems. Quickly, the diplomats began the drafting of the two agreements. Soon, however, Switzerland had to find that the economic agreements were no stones in the way, the values of agreement, however, an insurmountable Chinese wall, it bounced off the ground.

But only one

implemented On June 10. April recognized the Federal Council, that the original China Plan was a failure, writes the “daily Gazette”. Nevertheless, the Federal President Mason was allowed to travel to Beijing, to the Silk road-to sign the agreement (VIEW reported). Completely caved in Switzerland but is not, because it succeeded in “various formulations on values such as sustainability and environmental protection into the technical agreement to insert”.

in Addition, the negotiations on the values of agreement continue to run. However, it remains open whether this will ever come to a connection. According to the “tages-Anzeiger” shows, at least, the President of the Confederation no further interest in this topic. (koh)