In the development of innovative mobility solutions, Switzerland ranks in international comparison, only in the midfield, despite car-sharing Offerings such as Mobility and Sharoo and international comparison excellent public transport system. This is the result of a study by the consulting firm Frost & Sullivan out of San Antonio, Texas (USA).

To this end, the company searched worldwide for 100 cities, in which eight percent of the world’s population lives, the 25 percent of the world’s economic performance, and in which 17 percent of the global redeemed PW are on the way. With from Switzerland: Geneva and Zurich.

at the Front of the PT, but at the back of the taxi density

the development of car traffic, public TRANSPORT System, Sharing options, and the intelligent networking of modes of transport were Investigated; in addition, Bicycle and E-Bike or E-Scooter use and the offer of so-called mobility services like car-sharing or taxis.

After all, Geneva is ranked on the fourth place among the cities with the most innovative mobility concepts for the future. And Zurich is among the cities with the lowest auto share (below 30 percent) in the individual mobility. At the same time, the city is the taxi density in the comparison in the last fifth.

Still, there’s Resistors

In the final ranking are Geneva and Zurich place, almost neck and neck in the midfield behind as the traffic is chaotic applicable European metropolises such as London, Rome and Paris, but before the as a Bicycle city in force, Copenhagen. Front: Berlin, Singapore and Tokyo.

forecast from Frost & Sullivan for Zurich and Geneva: new mobility to address concepts, proactive. But Resistances have to be overcome.

Where is Switzerland?

In the mobility arena of mobility, Academy of the TCS discussed in September, around 200 Lecturers and those responsible from politics, administration and economy from the car importer about the public TRANSPORT provider to the IT Start-up, in which the direction of the mobility in Switzerland controls. The event linked for the first time, the previous TCS conferences to mobility services, electrification and Autonomous Driving to an Event.