bomb alert in Geneva airport. Evacuation. The police kill several of the terrorists of the “Global Liberation Front” (GLF). Three arrested. The terrorist organization vows revenge. In Switzerland, the Terror escalates: A Bernese state councillor is shot, a Thurgauer national councillor in a knife attack seriously injured.

This is the fictional scenario of a terror exercise that the Swiss intelligence service since the spring of 2018 and the “Swiss military journal” and the “Tages-Anzeiger” insight had. Around 2500 people in the police, army and civil service in all the Swiss cantons of samples currently in the case of an emergency.

72 hours of continuous use

“The goal of the Exercise is to check how you are with a long-lasting terrorist threat can deal with it,” says Hans-Jürg Käser to VIEW. The former Berner the safety Director is in charge of the Exercise, the on 11. November culminating. “52 hours, the forces are in continuous use.”

The exact scenario, cheesemakers are not allowed to reveal yet. Only one thing is clear: In Bellinzona, TI, a fictional criminal process against the three terrorists. The GLF want this to stop and threatens with attacks on the Oil storage, power supply and public transport.

Normal life goes on

The Exercise is a challenge for all Involved. Because of the normal operation continues, the Public should not perceive. “The police should find out with the Exercise, what other tasks can you reduce at a stroke, and how the cooperation with other organisations work.”

How much the great terror exercise costs, don’t want to cheese-making, to quantify. “It’s all the cantons and the Confederation are involved, which have their own Budget.” The core team of the defense Department includes a handful of people.

Realistic scenario

The fictional scenario that has written the Federal intelligence service, is close to reality: The GLF can be based on a retreat – the financing of works about drug trafficking. The aim of the terrorist organization is to combat the industrialized world, which has become a “godless place of Mammon”, with violence and clear the way for the establishment of a state “without possession and greed”. Detours weapons and explosives are coming to Northern and Western Europe, writes of the “Tages-Anzeiger”.

The recent terrorist attacks abroad have left their mark. “Fear is the wrong word,” says the cheesemaker. But you had to be prepared. “The question is, when and where the next attack happens.”