The question break, prepared for the Federal Council for months head: What just to do with the Swiss, joined in Syria, the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) and the Kurds were captured? The Federal government assumes that approximately 20 Jihad travelers to stay with a Swiss passport in the war zone. Among the Detained children.

Now, the government has decided. You don’t deny the jihadist travellers from entering the country. You will also no active Feedback, will inform the Federal Department of justice today. Only in the case of Minors, this could be reviewed.

Ultimate goal: the protection of the population

The ultimate goal of Switzerland’s security and the protection of the population, so the reasoning of the Federal Council. The front of the interests of individuals. You’ll meet all “the available operational measures” to prevent an uncontrolled entry into Switzerland. The alert in the Schengen information system or the information exchange with foreign authorities, for example.

The Return of children is only possible if the custodial parents and the competent authorities give their consent.

you should be done in Syria, the process

The Federal Council has set the target of jihadist travelers must pay with the Swiss Pass for their actions. However, the prosecution is to take place not in Switzerland but in accordance with international Standards in Syria. A possible creation of a special Tribunal of the Federal support, if necessary.

this Is not possible, will open against the Concerned criminal proceedings, as soon as you are in Switzerland or in a state that cooperates with Switzerland.

The question of how to deal with jihadist travellers, since it is clear that the US will pull out of Syria. She has also won more explosive, more Recently, after U.S. President Donald Trump had threatened that Kurds captured foreign fighters free not allow, if you accept the return of the respective countries of Origin. (lha)