good news: The fleet of the Swiss grows with two new long-haul aircraft. Launches two new destinations from Zurich-Kloten, (Washington and Osaka), as well as 300 new Jobs. The machines are of the type Boeing 777, the flagship of the Swiss, and made in the USA.

For Boeing but that is all Good News. A different model is currently in question for the largest industrial group of the United States to the fate of the 737 Max. Since in Indonesia and Ethiopia, two Jets of this type crashed and 346 deaths; and in the cracks, the trust is gone. The accident pilot was assigned half a year ago, with a global flight ban.

The suspicion: Software-tinkering triggered the crashes. Apparently, both the Boeing engineers as well as auditors from the US-FAA FAA schlampten – you should have provided important tests of the manufacturer. Currently, it is determined whether or not the authority is injured in their duties. In a few months, you will know it.

Switzerland checks with eight engineers

“The FAA is hellishly under pressure, you can’t afford a second mistake,” says the Berne aviation expert Max Ungricht. If you could no longer trust her, that meant a turning point: “The FAA used to be an icon, she was leaving.” Because it now seems to be over, you must also Swiss passengers the unpleasant question: How safe is the Boeing plane are, if you can’t trust the US auditors?

The answer is simple: Switzerland remains no other choice than to trust. If the Americans give for a new aircraft, the green light, follow the Europeans (Easa) is usually a short time later. As for the mutual recognition of aircraft approvals bilateral agreement is in place. Also in the accident plane that was so, the Easa has had to now admit, to have at the time of the admission without testing by waved – you had to rely on the Americans.

Some countries, above all China, not more superior, now, to follow the FAA automatically. And we? “Switzerland can’t do anything. The capacities are simply not available,” says aviation expert Ungricht. The following Figures illustrate the dependence of the Confederation of the major players: Boeing has 56’000 engineers, 1300 controller to work with the US FAA, in this country, the approvals check, only eight engineers of the Federal office for civil aviation (Foca). Expert Ungricht: For individual Easa member States, such as Switzerland, submission no sense, because rushing in.

security risks in the A320 neo

Because you can not change anything, the Foca a pragmatic attitude. The Easa ensure that all the necessary security measures would be taken, so the Foca. This also applies to Jets of the Swiss air space by flying. Bern follow the Max-crisis “at the moment, only on the edge”. The final report of the U.S. investigation was “very much of interest”.

After all: the Americans, the ill-flyer end of the year, wants to carry out the Easa initially own Tests.

Meanwhile, a new danger threatens. Airbus, the other major aircraft manufacturers, wants to re-fix surfaced safety risks to the A320 neo by Software. The Parallels to the 737 Max are obvious.

expert Ungricht see the matter more pragmatically: “If the plane is in the air and maybe even a different name, is to forget the Whole thing for most of the passengers.”

A creative solution: Lufthansa, the parent company of Swiss, free from now on, the six seats of the last row in the Airbus A320 neo. In order to address potential safety risks should be shifted so that the center of gravity of the fully occupied plane to the front.

Of the European FAA, Easa had come, the note that when I passed through the launch according to land demolition of a risk. Lufthansa hopes to solve the Problem by means of Software. Also in the case of Swiss you know the Problem. Depending on the cargo preventive is blocking the last row of seats, according to a spokesman.