Hans Hess: do you Believe in? The national Bank has only limited room for manoeuvre on the monetary side. Exports more expensive due to the rising Swiss franc exchange rate on an ongoing basis. And the last legislature was for our industry is frustrating. I want to spread alarmism, but I don’t enerviere me, in fact, that the Federal Council makes the institutional framework agreement, notably a key dossier for the machinery, electrical and metal industry to finally move forward.

take a Look at the Numbers. From mid-2017 to mid-2018, they were good. The order volume is, however, plummeted since the beginning of the middle of last year. We are at the beginning of a downturn. This is, in principle, no Drama. But at the same time, the strong Swiss franc and a possible recession to make a dash through the bill. And when the trade dispute between the United States and China will be a trade war, then the industry pays the Piper.

third the industry has structural problems, as you yourself say. If you don’t do the homework, it is rarely good.
have not done all their homework equally well. Especially smaller suppliers, to provide a quasi commodity from rod, will remain in the future, barely able to survive. It takes Innovation and a willingness to change. In the case of most of the Swiss companies, this is given.

Those companies that do well, will perform in the framework of its possibilities, wage adjustments. Companies with existential problems but they hardly have much room for manoeuvre. In addition, we have cost in Switzerland, almost the highest wages in the world. Higher wage portable no longer cost.