If this is not a good reason to book a trip to the dream beaches of French Polynesia. Flights there are Flexible starting at around 1200 Swiss francs. And save even more you can. on the island of Tahiti, Bora Bora and Moorea since 1 April, also, if you want to go there over the phone to the Internet.

since Monday in the case of Swisscom’s new Roaming rates for data packages (VIEW reported). And telecoms expert Ralf Beyeler from the money of the country.ch has found in the new Tariffs, perhaps the most massive Swisscom-the price reduction in the last years.

Because French Polynesia is switching from the very expensive special tariff in the again, significantly discounted tariff group “world 1”, including the United States. Previously 10 MB 99.90 CHF in the base fare cost, now there’s 200 MB of data for 6.90 francs.

Instead of 9990 Swiss francs only 16.63 franc

The expert is equivalent to 1 GB of data. Instead of 9990 Swiss francs you have to pay now only 16.63 CHF.

two other destinations are massively cheaper than before. Because Mali and Nepal change from the special rate in a regular category, namely, “world 2”. Here is the cost for 1 GB of data from 9990 Swiss francs reduced to 59.90 Swiss francs. Who uses there with Swisscom for the Internet, you can do so now, finally, at reasonable Rates.

These destinations are up to three Times more expensive

However, there is also in times of decreasing roaming tariffs, massive price premiums. Then, if a country switches to a more expensive Zone. This is the case of Chad, and Iraq, where 200 MB instead of 19.90 Swiss francs cost suddenly 59.90 Swiss francs. Around three Times more expensive than before.

it is Crucial for holiday travelers is expected to be the popular Safari Destination in Kenya, “world 1” to ascend in “world 2”. 1 GB of data costs instead of 29.90 Swiss francs before now 59.90 Swiss francs.

Important to know: anyone Who travels to an exotic Destination, you should definitely check the roaming tariffs. So there are still destinations with special fares, where a measly 10 MB of data cost nearly 100 francs, and 1 GB come on 9990 Swiss francs. These include Cuba, Guam, or Zimbabwe.

After all: The Swisscom customer no unwanted costs are incurred. Roaming is only switched on, if one Bay is active a data packet. So is it also after the holidays, no more bad Surprises when receiving the bill.