It strung out in the Swiss telecoms market. The Swiss Federal communications Commission Comcom decided that Swisscom has requested your competitors Salt and Sunrise, between 2013 and 2016 for the shared use of their networks to a lot of. Now you have to pay the competition, the damage incurred back – to tens of millions of francs.

For certain services has recognized the authority of the price to be 80 percent lower than the Swisscom! In the reverse conclusion this means: This has, in part, requires five Times too much for the performance. Specifically, in this case, the so-called leased lines, so guaranteed transfer capacity between the two locations.

The lion’s share of the amount that must be paid back, however, the so-called last mile in the households, the Salt and the Sunrise also from the Swisscom rent. The prices are between 10 and 25 per cent were too high, decided the Comcom. In the field of Cable ducts, provided by Swisscom from the competition, had to complain about the Comcom nothing.


Swisscom is now analysing the orders and checks if you want to be drawn into controversial questions of principle to the Federal administrative court. This you wrote this Morning in a Communiqué.

A spokesman substantiates the financial impact for the years 2013 to 2016 opposite VIEW: “It is a year to a low double-digit million amount.” In four years, and a minimum of 10 million Swiss francs in the year you have paid a minimum amount of 40 million, the Salt and Sunrise, Swisscom too much.

The Swisscom spokesman continues: “based On this, Swisscom provisions.” In English: The Swisscom knew what she was doing. She has done the price calculations in accordance with that method, the brought her the most, and hoped to get away with it. Now the competition has a complaint but in the case of the Comcom – with success.

The question now is whether and in what Form the customers will benefit from the Salt and the Sunrise from the money rain. On demand wants to take Sunrise time to read: “We will evaluate the several Hundred-page decision and will not comment further on this during the current appeal period.” This lasts for 30 days. Salt has not yet responded to a request.

Maybe you don’t even know it himself – the Comcom had informed all the Parties yesterday evening.

Here, the dominant position is desired

Why does the Swisscom competitors such benefits at all? While in most cases a dominant position of a single company is not desired, it is useful in this case. Finally, it would be inefficient if, in addition to the Swisscom also Salt and Sunrise operated infrastructure on the last mile.

According to the law on telecommunications is obliged Swisscom, certain services of its competitors at cost-oriented prices. The issue is now, what is “cost-oriented” means.