Swissair is alive! And entered into the real estate business. You might think that if one company sees the advertisement of a realty, the apartments in the “Swissair Tower” in Rorschacherberg offers. In the bottom right of the Logo “Swissair Tower emblazoned”. Deceptively similar to the original Swissair-font – inspired with the distinctive Swiss cross. The online portal “The East of Switzerland announced”.

the thing is actually clear. The Swissair, since 2002, part of the Swiss aviation history. The trademark Swissair is protected. The successor Airline Swiss has secured the rights to it and therefore extra some small planes under the name of fly.

Now, in the case of the lawyers

The real estate company did not want to speak to the Logo-copy. In Rorschacherberg, however, there is a bus stop with the name Swissair. The reason for this is The pension Fund of Swissair, which had the residential block settlement, which is currently being renovated and then rented to a new tenant, then create.

Since the end of last week, the Swiss is the case of the “Swissair Tower” and its Logo known. The Lufthansa subsidiary has handed over the Case to their in-house lawyers, such as “Eastern Switzerland” reports. It seems unlikely that the Immo-company come off unscathed. (pbe)