Sarah K.* is frustrated. For the past 28 years, the 56-Year-old works as a flight attendant. For Swissair, after the Grounding for the Lufthansa-subsidiary Swiss. It is not a Job that you just do, it was a vocation that you love, says K. in conversation with a VIEW. But to be crumbling, the love of her employer, the Swiss,. “My young colleagues are stressed out, have a lousy wage and food abroad, therefore, almost only the Finished Food to their hotel rooms.” And the prospects for the older cabin crew will not be because of the deletion of the bridging pension is just rosy.

K. is not with criticism alone. VIEWS and spoke with several flight attendants and flight attendants about the working conditions at the Swiss. Melanie B.* hired a year ago in the Swiss. Base Salary: 3400 Swiss Francs. The rich hardly to life, complained the 27-Year-old. Notwithstanding that the beginning salaries are in the Swiss lower than the minimum wages in the case of the wholesalers Aldi and Lidl, they wrote the contract. “You will be enticed with various Zückerchen. Free Stand-By Flights, Allowances, Prestige.” But the reality is another.

More wages, decent pensions

insight into the shift schedule, the cabin staff get only 20. of the month. To organize the Private, is almost impossible, says B. The on-Call service also requires that the staff is within an hour from the airport. “This means that we must necessarily live in the vicinity of the airport. Exactly where the Rentals are always more expensive”, writes the 22-year-old flight attendant, Patrick F.* and Andrea H.*, which will be retired at the end of the year and still don’t know how you will financially make ends meet.

The do not want to see the Union of cabin crew Kapers longer. President Sandrine Nikolic-foot calls for immediately wages that allow a decent life and a decent pension. “It must be possible to establish with a full-time job, a family.” This was today with 3400 francs impossible, says Nikolic-foot. Until today, there is no guaranteed 13. Month’s salary. “Employees get only 6. Year of service half a 13. Month’s salary and a profit share,” says Nikolic-foot.

negotiations are resinous

VIEW white: Currently, the Swiss and the trade Union Kapers sit at the negotiating table. Neither the Swiss nor Kapers President, Nikolic-foot comment on the status of the negotiations. Reportedly this design, however, is difficult. Because it’s not just the low wages is in dispute, the pensions issue at the talks. “In particular, the bridging period between the ordinary pension and the statutory retirement age a major challenge is the departure for many pensioners,” says Nikolic-foot.

And: “With the current entry, we favour wages for the coming generations of poverty in old age.” Quite different, it looks the Swiss. The career as a flight attendant delight is still very popular, says spokesman Stefan Vasic. “For many employees it is a dream job.” You offer compared to the industry is very competitive working conditions: “All allowances and expenses added, comes in the first year of service on a gross Einstiegssalär of around 4000 per month.”

career opportunities

The Swiss also stresses the “career opportunities”. “So the opportunity to let the Maître de Cabine on short-haul training, and thus to assume a first task of leadership is already after a year,” says Vasic. The allowance for this function amounts to approximately 1000 per month. “In no other profession is it possible to collect so rapidly relevant leadership experience.”

The catch: Apparently, the staff turnover is during the first few years were so high that only one in six employees is Maître de Cabine more. Many employees remain on their wages sit. In the following years, the salary jumps are puny. Nikolic-foot criticises: “The Swiss is in a steep high-altitude flight, while the quality of life of the employees is in a continuous descent.” Whether this will change something, be Swiss, and the Union Kapers communicate in the next few days.

* the Name has been changed