From a Swiss point of view, it can be the evening of the debut anti. Eight baptisms of Fire are there in Serbia to celebrate. In addition to Lorena Baumann, Lara Marti, Nadine giants, Elvira Duke, Tyara Buser, Fiona Huber and balancing goalscorer Noa Schärz also VIEW occurs employee Bettina on Brülhart, for the first time in the national team Dress.

The GC-acts of the urine is in the 87. Minute substitute – and says after the game: “it’s A great feeling! A big dream come true for me. I gave up on this goal, never and I look forward now even more that my hard work has paid off.” The debut was a Year old, an additional motivation for the future, so the 25. And with a Smile she adds: “I hope not, of course, it was my last use. I will continue to try to recommend me in the club for such tasks.”

Beautiful Schärz-shot

women Nati occurs in Serbia, for once, without a Legionnaire from the Top European leagues to. National team coach Nils Nielsen to offers for this last Test before the start of the EM-Quali (starting in September) exclusively for the game, the kick in Switzerland.

And this will show in the Sports Center, Stara Pazova, near Belgrade, a lot of morale. The substitute Schärz succeed in the 89. Minute with a superb Curling shot deserved compensation. The Serbian women’s assets, in turn, in addition to the Penalty-goal from Violeta Slovic (29.), only a few offensive highlights. (mpe)