they are a small minority, to talk but often powerful: About three percent of the Swiss population eat vegan. This means that you waive any and all products of animal origin. This form of nutrition is in the Trend and polarized extremely.

The animal rights organisation animal in focus now wants to create facts. Who are the people in Switzerland who eat vegan are you? Why do they do it? And how do you feel about it? These and other issues is pursued by the organization in the framework of the Vegan barometer 2019, a survey of nearly 2,500 Vegans, and vegans in the German – speaking and Western Switzerland. This is according to the animal in focus to the most comprehensive study of the vegan movement in Switzerland.

Out of pity toward the animals

The survey shows that Vegans abstain primarily out of compassion for animals to meat, milk and eggs. 95% cite this reason. In the second place, the environment follows with 77 percent, 56 percent for health reasons.

two-thirds of the respondents say good, you it go since the switch to the vegan diet health better. In the case of vegans who suffer from a chronic disease, is the proportion of 43 per cent. Only one out of ten respondents vegans is also overweight in the total population, there are about three Times more.

Almost twice as likely to be depressed

Less rosy, as always however, the psychological well-being. Nine percent of the respondents reported to suffer from depression. This is almost twice as high as in the total population.

in fact, proven by numerous studies that there is a connection between a vegan or vegetarian diet and Depression. However, this is not to say that being vegan makes you depressed. In addition, it is unclear how the context is to explain.

it is Possible that depressed people are switching more to a vegan diet, because they expect an improvement in the health status. Another explanation Tobias Sennhauser, President of the animal rights organisation animal in the right supplies. “Anyone who lives vegan, has a strong sense of Justice,” he says. The suffering of animals would be conditioned for some people trauma.

cheese vegans are missing the most

what is also Interesting is that Vegans engage significantly more to the Joint than meat-eaters. While the total population in the past twelve months, around seven per cent have used Cannabis, Ganja among the vegans, with 24 percent, three Times as many. A reason for this may be that the vegan way of life a similar group of people refers to how the consumption of Cannabis. So 71 percent of the respondents Vegans are under 40 years old.

it is difficult to eat vegan, the respondents – on the contrary. Almost all of the give, you the case very easily, especially the renunciation of meat. But the Vegans, also, that you are missing something. Most of all: cheese. (lha)