The Coronavirus has also made the life of the Swiss TV-emigrants on the head. Tell you VIEW, how you experience the Situation in the Swedish Lapland or in Spain.

“up and away”-immigrants Caroline (44) and Daniel Schafer (41) to the end of March of its last guests in your holiday resort in Swedish Lapland, to say goodbye. “The last of our guests had travelled on the 21. March back in Switzerland,” reported Caroline. Since that time, have isolated the Schafer’s self. “It is difficult to see where the journey goes. The fact is that since the end of March, the winter season is prematurely aborted. The tourism has experienced a full stop. All other bookings for March and April have been canceled.” Your regulars buy coupons, what is the family to help financially at this time, to keep the head above water. The solidarity is touching you very much.

Social Distancing is for the Sweden-emigrants no Problem

the Health of it, Caroline, Daniel, and their son Joshua (4) good, but especially the upcoming Easter holiday was of concern to them. “The Swedes are used to driving in your holiday homes to the mountains and the ski resorts.” More, Caroline says: “The people believe that you have the risks under control, if you keep just enough distance and the activity mainly outside takes place. Unfortunately, there are also black sheep, which is about the recommendations and is simply no threat to see, neither for yourself nor for your fellow man, and certainly not for the high-risk groups.”

have decided to take their operation over the Easter set. Both of their Swiss employees from sitting in the Lockdown for you. “To be able to home they will do nothing. Here, you can go to us and also with us in the Wilderness, is still relatively free to move.” Social Distancing is finally not a Problem, adds Caroline, laughing.

“We can go extreme on the pointer”

The time you spend watching your Joshua Disney movies, or out with your sled dogs or a snowmobile on the road. “The late winter is one of the most beautiful times of the year here,” swarming the Schafer’s. “The tranquility and the Vastness makes you breathe, and clear my head and for a Moment, a little forgotten. So we can load with an active Social Distancing our batteries and try to enjoy every Moment.” Sometimes Caroline would be withdrawn also, and sing. Daniel work in the shop. “Or he goes out and he falls on a tree,” says the emigrant, laughing.

Just the nature of the door-to-door to help very much. “We are stubborn heads, and we can go extremely to the pointer. The can be loud. Her tip: “If it is very bad, with the Bike or in the Winter with cross-country skis or a dog out on the Sandberg, our local mountain, and with all your strength “Füdle” scream. It can do wonders.”