The huge salt-water crocodile named MJ (4.7 metres long!) died last month at the Koorana Crocodile Farm in Brisbane (Australia). It came in a fight with another crocodile killed.

in Order to clarify the exact cause of death, to cut the helpers, the almost five-Meter long crocodile – and discovered something Incredible: In the stomach they found a ten-centimeter-long steel plate and six metal screws. These materials are used by Doctors during surgical procedures.

plate could be for decades in the stomach.

It is believed that the plate could have come from a people who fell for the crocodile in the last approximately 45 years for the victims It could possibly be, even to a Person from Switzerland. According to the Koorana Crocodile Farm, the plate had been manufactured in Switzerland.

“There was no bone. That must have been destroyed by the gastric juices of the crocodile,” said the farm’s owner, John Lever, opposite to the German press Agency. Also on the plate itself was nothing to recognize, that might provide a clue as to the identity of a possible victim. Only one Detail is known: “At the plate, it is a pretty old model. Can be already been for decades in the stomach of the crocodile.”

could Possibly be with this Fund but, nevertheless, the Disappearance of a Person enlightened. “It would be wonderful if we could help, a hitherto unsolved missing person’s case to educate and to liberate the relatives of the uncertainty,” says Lever.

police are not yet involved

MJ in the last six years spent at Koorana, previously it was housed on a different Farm. At the Koorana Crocodile Farm, about 5000 crocodiles, which are annually visited by 30’000 tourists.

The employees of the Farm have discussed her discovery with Doctors and photos on the social networks. The police has not turned on yet in the matter. (frk)