The Online Boom by plowing the stationary trade. This is especially true for Department stores such as Manor and the medium-to-large shopping centers in Switzerland. The new Figures from the market research Institute GfK, drawing for the Latter, a gloomy picture: in 2018, both the revenue and the surfaces of the shopping temple download shrunk to 0.9 per cent. While the sales areas for the first time since years back, the sales decrease for the fourth year in a row.

the most prominent example is the Mall of Switzerland in Ebikon LU. The still young Mall fights since the opening in November of 2017, with vacant space. Again the VIEW of problems reported. There was already a change in leadership.

With Peter Triner (60) took on a Manager who has never led a shopping Mall. Little light: only 15 percent of the retail space is not occupied. Sales of the Lucerne does not give figures however.

the smooth center loses

The shopping center Glatt in Wallisellen ZH, the top grossing shopping centre in the Switzerland. It 598 million francs in revenue (-0.5%) made in the last year. A Minus of 2.4 per cent reported the Seedamm Center in Pfäffikon SZ.

however, There is also a shopping center, the rise despite the crisis. The Sihlcity in Zurich, recorded a sales increase of 0.3 percent. “The Sihlcity is a high Achiever,” says Mirjam Müller-Glaser from GfK to VIEW. “It clearly shows how you can still have success.”

“This is a good Mix,”

Marcel Stoffel (55), co-founder of the shopping center Association, praises the concept. “The Sihlcity is more than just a place for shopping. So you can go in front of the cinema to eat and to the movie shop. This is a good Mix. The offer corresponds to the needs of the customer.”

The praise Sihlcity-Boss Marianne Müller-Glaser (52). She admits, however, that you have already made the wrong decisions. “At the opening we still had a night club that didn’t fit into the overall concept. What is important is that you tried something.”