The world will return to a normal state, if there is a vaccine against the Coronavirus, says Walter Kielholz (69) in an Interview with CH Media. “Before, it is probably effective drugs which combat the symptoms. But the key point of the vaccine, you will be the first to use in high-risk groups and medical staff, and finally, when possible, to all people,” said kielholz.

The vaccine must be broadly tested, so there is no “Botch” is emerging and the population had the confidence, and vaccinated let. However, it should be at the earliest be expected in the spring of 2021 with a vaccine.

Disturbing staging of the experts

Until such a vaccine is available, the Kielholz in Switzerland, the hour of the Simplifier to come. “Rights by saying we need to make the limits the same for ever sealed.” They ignored, however, that they would be treated in the hospital by foreigners. “Green features that will not be flown. And for the Left the culprit is anyway: capitalism has failed”, said the Chairman of the Board of Swiss Re. “So everyone cooks his soup.”

in Addition, the Manager criticized that, for sure, currently, the experts from the medicine staged anywhere. “Your Knowledge is in demand, but increasingly, the question is: Who ruled the country arises,” said Kielholz. He believe that, at present, a wool onset of counter-movement, and the politics of re development in the country to decide.

An early easing of the Coronavirus measures can imagine the Swiss-Re-VRP well. “Why, for example, jewelry stores or furniture stores to remain closed, not a lot of sense to me. In compliance with the hygiene rules, you could start operating again. This is also true for other stores, such as dress shops.”

Quick recovery of the economy

courage makes the wood keel for the time according to Corona, if a vaccine allows for a return to normality: “The economic “Bounce back”, so the return to growth will happen very quickly. There is pent-up demand: The people want to consume, you want to travel. I’m going out of a powerful counter-movement.”

not, However, benefit all the same it is Kielholz convinced: Restaurants, Hotels, or Airlines wouldn’t feel the recovery so. Because the customer could not make up for double and triple what they would have missed.