The national team wins in Georgia after a weak first and strong second-half locker with 2:0. So, as you can expect from this team with this quality. It is a power – and none of them are warping, emblematic of this than Fabian.

First he goes after a header has been knocked out, seems to faint, the tongue out of the neck brings him apparently. After that, he continues, as if nothing had happened and directs both goals.

Fall down, get back up – this fits in with the national team, which is made against Belgium from a 0:2 5:2.

, then start the fits to the archipelago. Once you not to trust him in the juniors of FC Wil to play one day in the Challenge League. Then he was a regular player at FC Basel and Swiss national team Star.

to fight back against adversity. Hoffenheim turned him cold – what he fought for La Coruna to being a regular player in the Primera Division.

the descent, a Transfer to Newcastle, and a gallery in England. But what is warping? He plays outstanding, as he gets the Chance. Is now the best man in the club and Arsenal as Tottenham think of an obligation of the Wilers.

Up and down, again and again. Ex-teammate Marco Streller said once lovingly over the archipelago, he was a “phlegm” and that he had often the feeling, “that he falls asleep soon”.

in the Meantime, woke up warping definitely. As well as the Nati in Georgia after the first half. It is a first step in the direction of EM 2020. And after this, tyre performance in Georgia, there is no doubt that you put the qualification.