Briefly, you only see the straw on the floor. Then Arcos comes out of its shipping crate shot out. The brush, ears pricked up, he looks only briefly, while he races across the Meadow and then disappears into the woods. The scene comes from a Video of the Foundation nature and environment Rhineland-Palatinate, which locates currently, the lynx in the German Palatinate forest. Twenty animals it takes. Ten of them come from Slovakia, the rest – among them Arcos, Switzerland.

On Friday of last week, they had now the company of the Luchsin Gaupa. Gaupa was transported by wildlife wardens in the Canton of St. Gallen caught in the quarantine station, the animal Park Goldau. After a health check by a Team of the German Foundation picked up the Luchsin. In front of the Transport Gaupa how all the animals got a collar with a GPS transmitter, to be able to your movements.

man is in need of a lynx

do not help “If we let the lynx are all so rough like Arcos. Some come gently out of the Box and look around first in peace,” says Sylvia Idelberger. The biologist is head of, among other things, the EU-funded project and says: “Without the help of us humans, the bobcats make it, again on a large scale in Central Europe spread.”

Because the wild cats are solitary animals, their territories can range from 50 to 400 square miles. Even if a male lynx emigrating from alone from Switzerland to Germany, he finds, in the area behind the border, not a reproductive partner. And of its original Population, with which he could produce offspring, it is separated by barriers such as highways, and the Rhine. That’s why you tried so-called core populations to resettle. Out of these can spread the animals then large-scale.

Originally, the wild cat populated areas, almost all of the major Eurasian forest. In the forest of the lynx is important for the Ecosystem. As one of the few Large predators he eats, for example, ROE deer and young red deer, the without him, in many areas, so far, no natural enemies.

> a Little exploration, joyfully

But most of the lynx have settled in well in your new home and in 2017 and 2018, even young get. A minimum of seven pups from different litters have now been born in the Palatinate forest.

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