for Ten years, stuffed millionaires and one who did so, as if he had the money, the holes in Kloten. Now, the EHC has to do without Payment-uncle. Hans-Ueli Lehmann, had in spite of austerity in three years, against seven millions of francs, zeroing, handed over the club in the spring of a group to the Urner Rolf Tresch. Your Goal? Do not spend more than. Has managed to do in 20 years.

Kloten is rehearsing once again the new beginning. All key positions were newly filled. With Sweden’s Robin Figren (31, HV 71) was head of sports, Felix Hollenstein an Transfercoup. From Banska Bystrica (Slk) was the two-time champion Eric Faille (30). To do this, Zurich have the countries with the naturalized Canadians Dominic Forget (38) almost a third are foreigners. And finally, Dominic Nyffeler, the brother of Lakers-Keeper Melvin, the strikes for years, with constant strong performance is still there.

“Rarely is such a coach is”

probably The most important change of personnel but with regards to the Coach. By Hanberg ascent knows. In Sweden, he managed the feat with Karlskrona. Most recently, he led in the spring of Langenthal to the B-League title. “I have rarely seen a coach, the rhetoric is so strong as Pelle,” says Hollenstein.

Three years was Kloten time to be in the NL to return. A season is over already. “Everyone in Kloten has a Vision to ascend,” said Hanberg. “But I can’t now come and say we want to go up this season. No one knows whether it works. The result is we can’t influence. But our performance. We want to be better every day.”

Hanbergs promise

Kloten finished the last Quali rank 5, failed in the quarter-final miserably at Hanbergs Langenthal. The Swede: “Our Job is to play a better season. We want to make a promise that we will always come out hungry from the cabin and 60 minutes long fight. The people want to see. For this, you pay.”

of The seven times that the father has a total of five lines. “I have no problems to take someone out of the Team. Errors are okay. I have no problems. But if it’s not hard enough work, it needs a conversation with the Coach.”

Hanberg insured before the Start today in Thurgau: “The boys are hungry.” And with you the Fans. Despite weak last season, the season ticket sales remained constant at 3400.